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Vegetation Science

1. The uses of vegetation within a TACC pilot project, Mbale Uganda: a preliminary report.

This was a poster presentation to the 54th Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science, ‘Vegetation in and around water: patterns, processes and threats’ held at the university in Lyon, France June 20-24 2011. A full abstract is published in the conference document eds Bornette, G and Puijalon, S Université Lyon 1, UMR CNRS 5023 ‘Ecologies des Hydrosystémes Naturels at Anthropises’, Villurbanne, France.

The UNDP Territorial Approach to Climate Change [TACC] model provides the context to this study. The manner in which vegetation – native, introduced, existing and to be planted – will form a major element of this new, regional approach to the development of carbon-neutral and climate change resilient territories was presented. Impacts upon local methods of vegetation management were discussed, together with those problems and possibilities identified at the scoping and inception stages.

The presentation was linked to the ‘Conservation and restoration of plant communities’ session and led to lively discussion, together with offers of support and potential collaboration from two East African ecologists currently working in the University of Bonn Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation [INRES].

This will be an ongoing project for at least the next 3 or 4 years and is one element of a wider desk and field based study of the past and present environment in the Mbale, Bududa and Manafwa region.

2. Identification and analysis of existing climate change documentation.

Desk based study to date has included several visits to the British Library Map Room and to the Royal Geographical Society Library. This is focussed on the discovery and analysis of colonial documents to find ‘lateral’ evidence of climate and climate change – such as the 1901 map of the then ‘Uganda Protectorate’ to show rainfall – and the crater of Mount Elgon as snow-covered.

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