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Fairtrade Lunch At the University of Glamorgan

50 people attended a Fair Trade lunch at Glamorgan University on Thursday 25th February, hosted by the PONT C2C Centre and attended by the mayor of RCT, Cllr Robert Smith, and his consort.

The meeting was sponsored by the Co-operative Society and Fair Trade Wales/ RCT. The main speaker was Juan Louis of Liberation, the world’s only Fairtrade nut company. Juan gave a fascinating insight into production of cashew nuts and the social impact of Fair Trade. Liberation is co-owned by a co-operative of farming groups from Malawi, Mozambique, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, El Salvador, Nicaragua and India. This co-operative owns 42% of the companies shares (the rest are owned by ethical investors). The company is a CIC – a Community Interest Company – which means it is run to benefit a community of interest, in this case smallholder nut farmers and gatherers in the developing world.

Liberation supplies Brazil nuts, cashews and peanuts to UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Liberation also supply their own branded nuts to Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and other outlets including Harry’s Nuts!, the salted peanuts and cashews from comedian Harry Hill. Harry takes no money from this and has put his name to it in order to support the farmers.”

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